Outdoor Fun With A ENDURO EBIKE Will Never Be The Same!

Outdoor Fun With A ENDURO EBIKE Will Never Be The Same!

Yes okay, ebikes are great for commuting and yes the ENDURO EBIKES will get you about super quick with ease and minimum effort; BUT..! The real fun part comes into play when you take an enduro ebike OFF ROAD, the sun is shining and the weather is sweet, it makes you want to NOT PADDLE and accelerate with no defeat haha. Well as bad as our rhyming gets which we apologise for, the truth is truly in what the above statement says. The summer months are some of the best to get out your favourite bigs boys toy and hit the tracks, beaches or dunes! If you have never had the chance to experience anything like this before, then now is your time!

ENDURO EBIKES are setting the bar with outdoor extreme riding. People are now choosing these ebikes over other sports and hitting the great outdoors with serious punch. We have had customers now and general people we chat to who get to experience these ebikes telling us all the time “We cant believe how powerful they are” and “Oh my god, my ebike is the best fun I have EVER had!” It is creating a new hobby in a in new marketplace that others are mind blown to see and feel. Not only this but we are working now with some of the very best manufactures of a variety of parts to bring to you even better builds all the time. We are always updating and testing the very latest and best in advancements to be sure our custom builds will offer the best for our customers.

If you are thinking about getting on an enduro ebike and want to simply chat and find out more about what may suit you, then feel free to drop us a message. We are here to advise on anyones and everyones individual needs, weather it is simply for commuting on roads or taking off road to the extremes!

Drop us a message on our facebook page, or give us a like. We are here to help and love to chat and share the our passion for the enduro ebikes we can build for you however you wish.

You can also contact us if you are looking to build a custom ebike for yourself here.


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