Enduro eBikes Media Pack


A High-Performance Full Suspension Enduro eBike Frame

Material: Strong steel frame and plastic cover, which is using high quality strong 4mm ABS+PMMA anti-scratch glossy plastic.

Rear shock: 190mm-240mm are suitable.

Head tube for 1.1/8-inch non-integrated steering tube, 130 mm in length. Frame body width 115mm, Centre cover width 150mm

Dropout width (motor mounting seat in the swing gram) 155х10 mm and 135x10mm.

Sine Wave / Intelligent Sabvoton Controllers With V3 Analog Cycle Analyst or Colour TFT Displays With Additional Bluetooth

Depending on your build needs we can fit your ebike with various suited controllers and displays. We regard safety and longevity to be key in our experience with custom builds and what we understand to suit desired requirements when matching our controllers with select options. Feel free to talk more and we can further advise on this as some builds may require special terms before we agree to fit.   

These programmable Sine-wave & Sabvoton motor controllers work with high efficiency, less noise, and lower energy consumption, which makes your electric vehicles or electric motorcycles more comfortable and easier to control. Our designed friendly interface of the programmable motor controller allows you to set the parameters, conduct tests and obtain diagnostic info quickly and easily. Bluetooth is fitted at request with additional fees.

ZOOM 680DH AMS 26″
Downhill Suspension Forks

Crown: Forged Alloy

Lower Leg: One-piece Magnesium 47mm

Stanchions: 37.5mm Hard-Anodized Planted AL 6061 Tube

Brake: Disc Brake Only Weight: 3.6kgs

Travel: 170mm

Feature: Adjustable preload, 20mm Through Axle, Hydraulic Rebound Adjust

Rear Shock

A standard but very good specification suspension made buy our partner manufacturing company KKE who specialise in MotorRacing Parts globally.

. E-E:165 to 270mm
. Travel: from 30mm to 90mm
. Air:100 to 150psi
. Nitrogen in Gas Tank
. Adjustment: Preload/Rebound &Comperssion

DNM Burner-RCP 2S Downhill
Rear Shock

Spring Rate: 5501bs, Damping: 4-system, Adjustments: Rebound / Compression / Preload / Adjust High Pressure/Big impact.

Dark hard-anodized AL-7075 shock body, Damper shaft Hard chromed shock 0 12 mm ( 0.47 inch ) shaft, Bushing size: Front Rear 24mm x 8mm (0.95×0.31 in)

Spring: Coil Spring, Intended use: AM FR DH

Include additional Bushing Hardware 50x8mm(1.97×0.31in) as picture

Weight: 1016g=2.241bs

Tektro E715 Double Piston
Hydraulic Disc Brakes

A Forged Aluminum Lever / Cast Aluminium Bracket Visualised Reservoir Two Pieces Bracket 4 Finger Blade With Ball End.

. Open System

. Dual Piston

. Sensor Control Designed

. High Performance, Designed For 45km/Hr E-Bikes

. Easy Installation, Adjustment & Maintenance

Wheels / Rims – Sun Ringle MTX
Welded MTB Rim

Sun Ringle is a major player when it comes to MTB wheels and spares. Years of experience have
contributed to Sun Ringle production. some of the best MTB products on the planet.

Standard wheel size options are 22 or 24 inch

These rims come standard but we do recommend Mot0 19″ wheels to be fitted on all eBikes over 5000w


Battery Cell Options

We understand that some customers like to have a choice of branded cells you can upgrade to, so we have added additional possibilities to our normal line.

. LG Cells – (Recommended High-Grade Cells)

. Panasonic Battery – (Basic Standard Cells)

. Samsung Cells – (Modified Pre-Ordered Cells)

Rear Hub Motor T-Winding

If you are looking for more torque then we can customise you motors T-winding in addition for you to suite your specific requirements or style of riding. For more off-roading types of riding it may be suited to have a higher T-winding, thus the higher the winding the more bottom end torque is added at acceleration, but this will alternatively take down and reduce the top end speed in turn. (See examples below)

. 12000w eBike T2.5 (Standard) Torque 240Nm, Top Speed 110kmh

. 12000w eBike T3 (Custom) Torque 260Nm, Top Speed 100km

. 12000w eBike T4 (Custom) Torque 280Nm, Top Speed 90kmh

. 12000w eBike T5 (Custom) Torque 300Nm, Top Speed 80kmh

KKE 35S RC Downhill Front Fork Upgrade

A factory standard downhill fork upgrade.

Material: Aluminum
Fork distance: 110 mm-150mm
Brake: Disc brake applicable
Stroke: 140-160mm
Weight: 3.5kg
Axis: 20mm/AL7075.

DNM USD-8S Triple Crown Downhill Front Fork Upgrade

Front fork upgrades are advised on all models over 3000w and are a serious consideration if you intend to use your eBike for off-road use also.

. Weight: 3.9kg
. Total length: 865mm
. Red button for rebound damping adjustment/spring preload-adjustable / lower mouth air pressure fine adjustment
. Stroke tube: diameter 35mm
. Stroke: 203mm (8in) Material 7050
. Standpipe: 28.6mm 7075
. Open file: 110mm
. Hub axis: 20mm, 7075 aluminium alloy rod
. Brake: Disc brake Applicable: DH/FR

RockShox Boxxer RC 29″ Suspension Fork Upgrade

. Weight: 2650g
. Fork shank length: approx. 265 mm
. Wheel Size (in): 29, 27,5+
. Fork Shaft Diameter: 1 1/8
. Axle type: Full-floating axle
. Axle diameter: 20
. Front Hub Spacing: 110 mm
. Travel (mm): 200 mm
. Brake Type: Disc (Post Mount)

FOX 36 E-OPTIMIZED MTB Front Fork Upgrade

All-NEW for 38, steerer tube design incorporates elliptical shaping in taper zone, further maximizing stiffness to weight ratio.

. Axle Size15QRx110mm Boost
. Updated GRIP2 damper now with dual VVC (Variable Valve Control
. 31% stiffer transverse shear, 9% stiffer fore
58mm crown diameter to match modern frame shape profiles.

. Travel: 170mm
. Offset: 44mm
. Wheel Size: 27.5″
. Axle: 15QR x 110mm Boost
. Steerer: 1.5 Tapered.

RST Renegade Fat Bike Fork

The Renegade was developed to fill the need for high performance fat tire forks. It uses our stiff yet lightweight 32mm chassis, AIR spring system for reliability in lower temperatures, and an OCR damping system optimized to work with the high-volume tires. It has true 5″ tire compatibility (on 100mm rims). Featuring a 1 1/8” tapered steerer tube and remote TRL remote lock-out lever.

. CROWN 190mm Aluminum Black Coating
. Air Spring Hydraulic Compression
STROKE (MM) 150mm


RockShox Super Deluxe Ultra Rear Shock Upgrade

. Damper mounting top / bottom: Standard / Standard
. Suspension System Type: air
. Spring rate: 380 lbs . Installation Length (mm): 210
. Shock Absorption Type: oil . Adjustable: Lockout, rebound, compression
. Weight: 340 g

Fox Van RC (Upgrade) Rear Shock Upgrade

. Custom FOX VAN RC Performance, 215.9mm x 63.5mm (8.50″x2.50″)
. Suspension: Steel spring 450×2.80″
. Low-speed compression Rebound
. Coil spring preload
. Installation length x hub: 215.9mm x 63.5mm (8.5x.2.5)
. Mounting hardware: Front 19x8mm Rear 19x8mm
. Weight: approx. 776g (incl. Steel Spring)

Wheels Upgrade with Moto Style
Extra Strong 19″ Rims

The Moto Style rim is the correct proportion wheel we would highly recommend for all bikes over 3000w.

Moto rims give better stability, extra torque/power and are much stronger when it comes to taking your ebike off-road. Without these wheels the weight of the ebikes can become overbearing with standard rims if using the ebike for real endure style purposes.

Color Options: Black, White, Red, Gold

Road Moto Tyres or Off Road

Depending on your bikes main purpose E.g. More for general road and commuting or maybe more off-road style riding you may want to choose a tyre option that best suits your desired choice.

We offer the two visions shown in the pictures here, both options come free with all Moto 19″ wheels if you choose this add on with your build.

Size: 19″x2.75

Regenerative Breaking

Regenerative braking turns your bikes kinetic energy into electricity to charge its battery and boost efficiency. The resulting friction works to slow the bike down, generating heat and wearing away at the material on the pads and discs in the process.

You can add Regenerative braking as an energy recovery mechanism that essentially slightly helps slow down the ebike by converting its energy into a form that can be either used immediately or stored until needed. A more resourceful form of energy usage for your ebike and extend consumption slightly.

TAKE NOTE: This feature is only available with Sabvoton controllers and having this installed will void your controller’s warranty.

Tektro HD-E725 E-Bike Hydraulic Disc Brake 4-Piston

An Open System, 4 piston- Sensor Control Designed- High Performance, Designed For High-Speed E-Bikes-, Adjustment And MaintenanceLever- Forged Lever / Cast Aluminum Bracket.

Key Features

. Easy Installation, Adjustment And Maintenance.
. Diameter : Ø180mm.
. Hose Length: Front: 900 mm / Rear: 1500 mm.

Magura MT5 Quad (4 piston) Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Magura’s 4-piston technology creates an absolute maximum of braking force. No matter how difficult the trail terrain, a technology with ergonomics vie the brake lever giving a performance which will fill you with sheer confidence. Brake harder, brake later, go faster.

Key Features

. Ergonomic, 2-finger, aluminium brake lever.
. Carbotecture™ SL housing & handlebar clamp.
. Adjustable lever reach All-in-one.
. 4-piston brake calliper with banjo.
. MagnetiXchange brake pistons for easy brake pad replacement.
. Weight only 380 g.

Pedal Assist Torque Sensor

With a torque sensor pedal assistance, there is a sensor measuring how much force the rider is putting on the pedals. That allows you the rider to control the ebike motor with your legs; the harder you pedal the more power you get from the hub.

This kind of control can feel very slick and helps encourage more human power input, since you are made to ‘earn’ your motor power.

Throttle Options 

Choose from a Standard Half Grip Twist Throttle or Motorbike Style Full Grip Twist Throttle depending on the style that suits you.

The half twist allows you to have some grip without the hole grip twisting and is what most prefer, however for those who like a true motorbike full grip style then this option may the one for you.

TAKE NOTE: No matter what throttle you have fitted you can use both peddle assist alone and throttle also independently.

Road Mode Quick Switch

Add a Quick Switch Speed Restriction Button on your ebike to help Put the ebike into a set Road-Legal power restricted mode to suit your countries legal requirements. TAKE NOTE: it is advisable to research legal requirements as this may only help and you may require additional filing to make it fully road legal.

(This can Only Can be fitted with Sine Wave Controller, Not Sabvoton)

Programable Bluetooth Controller Options 

Programmable Bluetooth options are a great way to easily control the setting that your controller box uses when distributing each aspect of your eBikes output. This is a quick and easy way to set the various aspects you may wish to change with ease via an app linked to your phone or mobile/device.   

Take Note: These are only available on Sabvoton controller, to which terms will need to be accepted. and an agent will discuss this with you and what needs to be taken into consideration as a safety precaution. 

Front Light & Rear Indicator Light + Horn

If you are considering the use of your Enduro eBike for road use, general commuting on roads and travelling at night, then the front and rear light pack with rear indicators and horn are a must to help you on your journeys.

Type: Bright LED, 100 Lumens

Front Turn
Signal Mirrors 

Again If you are considering the use of your Enduro eBike for road use, general commuting on roads and travelling, then the front turn signal mirror indicators may be for you. These are great to help you see traffic behind you and to the side of you, as well as warning oncoming traffic of your direction when turning.  

& Fenders Options  

We offer a choice of mudguard options depending on your build type and style. These front and rear fender options are great for when riding out in slightly wet or muddy weather conditions to keep you dry and clean when commuting or riding off-road. 

Option 1:
(These are more suited to the Zoom Forks)

Option 2:
(These are more suited to the DNM Forks)

“(Mixed rear options with suited front can be subject to request)”  

Moto Style
Larger Comfort Seat  

Moto style seats offer great comfort and a much larger eating area. This is quite simply the best way to get maximum seating area for yourself and also for additional travelling short commuting passengers. This option is more for off-roading and also specific city commuting for cheap travel services in various counties only.    


Alarm System and Key Fobs 

Add an Alarm system to your build and give it that added safety needed when out and about and parking up, or simply to deter theft when locked up in your garage overnight. These simple but effective bits of kit come with handy quick action and activate key fobs (Spare fob included).

. Arming/Disarming/Locating
. Vibration alarming/Driving alarming
. Engine start/Keyless Driving
. Lock the Electric power by a transmitter
. Small in size
. Horn and the mainframe is together
.Working Voltage:48V
. Working current:<200mA
. Quiescent current:<10mA
. Working frequency:300-320MHZ
. Loudspeaker Loudness: 105-125DB

GPS Remote Locator Tracker Device 3G Concox GV20 System

GPS Tracking is a simple and cost-effective way to have peace of mind and security with your High Priced ebike. Knowing that theft of such things can become and ebikes now becoming a prime target, you may need to consider the benefits of what such a simple device can deliver.

Simply add the app to your phone and have this tracker in build hidden within your frame & know that should your ebike ever go missing, then you can alert your local authorities and get them to go exactly where it is located and get it back with the thief taken in and found with it in their possession. We feel strongly about this as an add on as these high power ebikes are a target we hate to admit, Thus why we have added this to our build as an option for you to consider.

eBike Faster Charger Upgrade

If you are looking to cut your charge time down then add this Charger upgrade with the purchase of your ebike. With a faster charger it will cut normal charge time down on average by about half the usual charge time shown below.

Standard charger Only (Charges in 8-9 hours on average)
Faster Charger (Charges in 5-6 hours on average)


Build Time / Shipping /
Handling & Import

We advise 35-40 business days for custom builds to be completed on average. Time may vary due to demand but usually we are able to work within these guidelines.

For shipping, it will depend on your location and various methods. We offer a Quick delivery that is subject to quotation to your location once supplied that will take 12-14 days (Ask for a quote)

Standard low-cost shipping is 35-45 days on average. This in most cases is inclusive of all import taxes.

(Please take note if customs do stop any parcels for checks this may course slight delays in some cases, in which we are not responsible, items are always passed/stamped and released in due cause)

All custom-built or pre-built stock bikes will require the removal of the front wheel and in some cases the forks plus battery for shipping. The rest of the bike’s components are all installed ready to go. The bikes will be shipped in 3-4 boxes depending on the methods available to your country and will contain all that is required along with any tools for basic things. All user guides & instructions can be found in the footer of our website as well as videos on Youtube. You are also welcome at any time to reach out to our support team or technicians for chat help via WhatsApp, email or plan a telephone call.